Spinto Talent

We represent artists in Mexico and around the world.
Our objective is to be their operative arm in order to manage our artists’ commitments in Mexico and other countries and to represent them vis-à-vis authorities and cultural entities.

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Spinto Talent represents artists in Mexico and around the world.

Spinto Talent is a booking agency focused on clients active in the cultural arena, particularly
music: singers, conductors, soloists, composers, among others.
Our aim is to assist them in their commitments in Mexico and other countries and to represent
them vis a vis cultural instances assuring them service excellence, in a personalized manner, in
order to achieve outstanding results and leave an imprint in their key audiences.
The proven experience of the team led by our CEO Greta Shelley in the cultural and music
spheres is the best guarantee of the high quality of the services provided by Spinto Talent.
Greta holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Foreign Relations from the Universidad Iberoamericana and
Master’s Degree in Foreign Relations from Georgetown University, specializing in
business-government relations. She also holds a Global Leadership Executive Certificate from
Thunderbird School of Global Management (2016) and post-graduate studies in International
Business from Berkeley University (2008) and in Business-Government Relations from Georgetown
University (2012); she took a course on Promoting Culture and Tourism at the Instituto Matías
Romero, of the Mexican Department of Foreign Affairs (2015), a course on Cross Cultural
Communications at Thunderbird School of Global Management (2017) and a certificate in Digital
Marketing from Columbia University (2019). She is also an expert on government and business
Prior to her founding Spinto, Greta held several positions at the Mexican Ministry of Foreign Affairs
(1994-1999) in both the North America Division and the Minister´s Office. She was a graduate fellow
at Kissinger McLarty Associates in Washington, D.C., (2001) and worked for Michael Storrs Music,
London as a PR and Events Manager (2004-2008); at Zimat Consultores she was a Senior Consultant
(2008-2013 and in 2017) and at ProMéxico she was the Trade and Investment Commissioner for:
Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland (2014-2017).
In communications, she has led accounts such as The Body Shop, HP, Honeywell, Infosys, Huawei,
Museo Amparo, MUAC, Amafore, Christian Louboutin, General Motors, London School of
Economics, Javier Camarena, Takeda, among others.
Greta is an associate of the Mexican Council of Foreign Affairs (COMEXI) since 2005.

“Opera and music have always been my passion. I’m overjoyed to be able to have in our roster the best artists in Mexico and to be able to offer them quality service in Mexico and abroad.”

Greta Shelley about Spinto Talent